Kickstarter Catch Up!

There’s a few interesting things going around on Kickstarter at the moment, so I figured it’d be a good thing to point you in the right direction of them!

Character Meeples

Character Meeples

The awesome team over at Meeple Source are currently in the middle of their first campaign, attempting to bring a whole new range of meeple designs to their range with the assistance of backers from around the world. Having been lucky enough to get my hands on a bunch of them recently, I can attest that they are Very Lovely Indeed – and it’s not just standard sized meeples that they do. There are special mini ones for use in Lords of Waterdeep (as well as special tokens for use in the Scoundrels of Skullport expansion), Tzolkin corn cobs, Tiny Epic Kingdoms sets and more random wooden bits than you can shake a stick at. The main focus though is on their lovely meeples and the campaign has been a tremendous success already. Loads of new designs have been unlocked and backers can get their hands on a single set of eight meeples for as little as $10. For those looking to splash out, you can even pledge for a set of four hundred meeples which will invariably pimp out your entire games collection!

Dice & Slice

One of my dear friends, Paco Jean from G*M*S Magazine, is looking to do a gaming web series with a difference. Combining cooking with games, Slice & Dice is unlike any games show you’ve seen before, and I can also guarantee that Paco is a bloody good cook. Have a watch of the pilot video up there and you’ll see that he’s a natural on camera – not surprising considering how much video output he does over at G*M*S. The project has already funded, but if you know of any games companies out there who are looking for an interesting way to plug upcoming games, send them over to the Slice & Dice Kickstarter page.

Town Center – Fourth Edition

Town Center 4E

You will take my copy of the First Edition of Alban Viard’s Town Center from my cold, dead hands – that cardboard box with its hand-stuck cover filled with LEGO bricks is going nowhere – but it’s true to say that the game is hard to get hold of. That’s a pity because it’s a really good game – building up stacks of blocks that interact with each other as the rounds continue, stealing the ones that you know your opponents really need, it’s a very satisfying and challenging gaming experience. Now being published through Ludicreations, a copy will set you back a reasonably priced $50 which includes shipping.

Tokaido Collector’s Edition

Tokaido Collectors


Tokaido, Antoine Bauza’s game depicting a journey across Japan, is a beautiful thing to begin with but the new Collector’s Edition is set to push the boundaries yet further. Adding a whole bunch of extra things into the box including minifigures, a fistful of metal coins, extra wooden components and even a soundtrack to accompany your playing of the game, this is truly the ultimate Tokaido experience. A copy will cost $115 if you want the level that comes with all stretch goals, though there are cheaper options available. The question is, following the beautiful Takenoko remake, does this make Antoine Bauza the first designer to have two special edition versions available of his games?



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