All Change on the Metal Front

Bloody hell, it’s been somewhat silent around here. Figured it was time for an update and explanation as to what’s going on here at Sprocket Towers.

Or what used to be Sprocket Towers. Sure, it was pretty much an imaginary thing (actually, it was a rather lovely terraced house) but there’s been a LOT of change in these first six weeks of 2015. Some good. Some bad. All very, very turbulent, but the main thing is… well, there are two main things. First of all, we’re pretty much homeless, having been served notice to move out of our home just before Christmas, which made the festive season far from festive. With panic setting in, Steph and I had a big decision to make – where were we going to live?

In a rather splendid act of coincidence and serendipity, my work has been asking if I’d be interested in moving to the US and working there. For those of you not following at home, I work for the good people (and we are good people!) at Game Salute – and they want me to be over in New Hampshire, like yesterday. Of course, the whole process of moving an Irish guy over to the US isn’t something that can be done easily, but we’re going to just bloody go for it. You only live once, seize the day and all that, so we’re now in the joyous Paperwork phase of immigration. It’s about as much fun as you’d expect a horrifying maze of paperwork to be! (Which is not fun. Surprise!)

Second, I’ve been thinking a LOT about the show and the site. I’ve not had much time at all to write over the last few weeks, as the dearth of reviews has shown. I shan’t go into a long monologue about my ever increasing back pain, but let’s say it straight: taking a lot of painkillers makes you sleep. A lot. Writing has taken third place to work and sleep, but that’ll be changing noticeably over the next few weeks. The show though? I think it’s time to put it to bed. Frankly, with so many other shows popping up over the last couple of years, there’s too many people fighting for a very limited pool of potential interviewees, and I don’t want The Little Metal Dog Show to turn into a prolonged advert for various Kickstarter campaigns. Finding people to talk to has become increasingly difficult recently, simply because many of the folks I’ve wanted to get on the show have already spent a lot of their valuable time on other podcasts. You can’t exactly demand that people spend their free time talking on a computer, can you?

So, this is the bit where I say thanks to all the people who have been kind enough to come on the Little Metal Dog Show over these past years, as well as the thousands who have downloaded and listened to all those episodes. Thanks for letting me be a part of your days and jabber on about games and stuff – it’s been rather splendid, hasn’t it?

This doesn’t mean that is going anywhere though. The shows will remain online and hell, there may be some special episodes in the future from special events. The reviews will be kicking back into gear, as mentioned. Oh, and there are plans for some new stuff coming down the line: get ready for videos and some weird stuff that, should it work out, will be pretty awesome.

And with that, time to get back to writing stuff. Regular service will be resumed – shortly.

Love you!

– Mx



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4 responses to “All Change on the Metal Front

  1. it *was* indeed splendid.

    get your back fixed, we need you in top form. and best of luck in your new ventures!

  2. Little Metal Dog show was the first podcast to which I ever subscribed. I can honestly say that you and your show are a big part of why I am part of the industry now. I’ll forever miss the show and remember it in the highest regard.

  3. Sorry to hear the podcast is coming to an end but excited for you with your upcoming move to the U.S. Good luck with getting all the paperwork sorted and all the best for the new challenge overseas.

  4. I discovered LMDS in 2011 when I was looking for a podcast that covered Spiel in Essen. I became a huge fan of you and the show and has since been a supporter, twitter follower and borderline groupie. I’ve always rooted for you and have been glad every time one of your projects have had a success (I backed your Spiel 2012 indiegogo as well as Ace of Spies and almost all the Sprocket games titles – although not always for a reward). We even met and had an awkward fist-bump moment once. It was in Motel One in Essen 2013. I was playing games with Robin Lees and Patrick Nickell in the lobby and you and Steph stopped by and were happy about selling out of Fox & Chicken. 🙂

    I will miss the podcast but I understand your decision. I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for all the time and effort you spent on it. I wish you all the best in your new home and I hope your back gets better. I will see you on twitter and look forward to reading your tweets about games, wrestling, eurovision and a lot more! And maybe we’ll meet (again) in Essen in October…?

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