The Little Metal Dog Show… is BACK

It’s true, it’s true – the show’s been on hiatus for a while thanks to the whole international move thing and doing The Score, but the podcast you know and love has returned! The Little Metal Dog Show Season Two is now Officially A Thing with a new episode and everything.

The first episode of this new run is a bit of a cheat, it must be said. When I decided I wanted to do the show again, there was only one person who I wanted to speak to so I could ease myself into the interviewers chair – and that’s the splendid Tony Boydell from Surprised Stare Games, designer of Snowdonia and the upcoming Guilds of London. So, we worked out our time difference, settled down on Skype, and I promptly forgot to make sure the expensive USB mic I had was turned on. Thankfully the computer’s onboard mic was working fine, but that’s a lesson learned for the next time…

If you’d like to listen, you can grab the file for the episode directly from this here link:

I’m still waiting in iTunes to make the new podcast feed live, but if you want to subscribe to the show right now, just sign into whatever podcatcher you prefer and add the following link to your Subscribe To New Podcast thing:

That will then automatically grab whatever episodes go live on the feed. Of course, once it pops up on iTunes properly, you’ll be able to subscribe by simply clicking, but if you feel like getting on board right now, that’s how to do it!

I hope you enjoy the show, and there’ll be plenty of fantastic interviews to come over these weeks and months. Season One of The Little Metal Dog Show lasted a shade over five years. I hope Season Two does the same, if not even more, but it won’t mean a thing if you guys don’t listen. Thanks for your support, and enjoy this new chapter for the podcast and site!

Much love,




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