The Score – Episode 5 – Chart Attack!

Michael presents a slightly different episode of The Score this week – a rundown of the twenty best selling games over at Let us know what you think – would you like to see a regular rundown of the top sellers? More detail on the games? A shorter video, perhaps rolled into actual episodes of The Score? Fire away in the comments below, or send Michael an email to or badger him on Twitter where he’s @idlemichael.

Thanks for watching!


Help support The Score by visiting through these links – warning, these will spoil the chart for you!
20. Ticket to Ride: UK & Pennsylvania

19. Catan

18. Fiasco

17. Raptor

16. Pandemic Legacy

15. Above and Below

14. TIME Stories

13. Dixit Origins

12. Wits & Wagers

11. No Thanks!

10. Superfight

9. Haithabu

8. Catacombs

7. Snowdonia – Trans-Australian Railway / Daffodil Line

6. German Railroads

5. 7 Wonders Duel

4. Nippon

3. Linko!

2. Codenames

1. Dilluvia Project


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