Little Metal Dog Show – Episode 2.2 – An Hour With Richard Borg!

The podcast returns once again, this time with an interview I’ve wanted to get recorded for a very long time! This time around, I got to speak with legendary designer Richard Borg, the man behind such renowned games as Memoir ’44, BattleLore and Battle Cry. He’s been a major part of the industry for several decades, even managing to count a much-coveted Spiel des Jahres amongst his many awards, and I got to chat away with him recently. We cover all manner of subjects and Richard regales us with plenty of anecdotes from his life as a game designer (as well as plenty from before too). It was great to finally catch up with Richard, and I really hope you enjoy listening to the episode.

If you’d like to grab it directly, you can do so by right clicking this link here:

The show is also up on iTunes, where you can simply search for Little Metal Dog Show and it should pop up. You’ve got the right feed if you see this beautiful image when you hit play – or something akin to it, at least…

 As ever, I’m incredibly grateful that you guys choose to spend your time listening to me jabber away, and I’m equally thankful to those who let me speak with them for the show. There’ll be another episode along soon where I speak to someone a little newer to the industry. See you again soon!

Much love,



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