Little Metal Dog Show – Episode 2.4 – Undead Viking Ahoy!

Lance Myxter seems to have been around since the dawn of the internet, when it comes to making videos about games, at least. One of the first people to put videos out there (alongside Tom Vasel and Scott Nicholson), Lance – aka Undead Viking – is one of the most popular reviewers in the industry, as well as being one of the most awesome and supportive people around. In this massive interview (seriously, it goes nearly two hours, so bring coffee) we talk about pretty much everything; how he stumbled into games reviewing, what makes for quality content, who he likes to follow, and what happens when you find mixtapes on the ground.

You can find all of his excellent videos over on YouTube (and some on Vimeo, which we discuss in the show…) – check them out at his fine channel:

Just a warning, there’s a *teeny* bit of adult content on this one, so please be aware that younger listeners may need to be steered towards something a little more to their level!

Grab the episode directly from here: – just right-click and save on the link for plenty of audio goodness. For those of you who prefer iTunes, the show will be available on there (and all good podcast-related software) within moments of this post! Enjoy the episode, Thanks to Lance for chatting with me, and I’ll be back with another Little Metal Dog Show soon.



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