The Score – Episode 6 – Little Wonder

It’s an all new episode of The Score! This time around, find out why there’s been a slight delay in getting the new one up on YouTube (hint: I’ve been VERY busy in a new job…), check out some of the latest news from the world of games, and see what happens when I try and put together something awesome from The Broken Token.

As ever, thank you for watching and supporting the show. Hopefully the schedule will calm down a bit now that I’m a little more settled, but if you’ve got suggestions as to what you’d like to see on upcoming episodes, do get in touch! or are both good for email, or you can get me on Twitter via @idlemichael (where I’ll probably respond a lot quicker!).

Keep an eye out for more stuff soon from the GAMA Trade Show over in Las Vegas, where I’ll be attending for the first time! If you think you’ve got something cool that should be seen on The Score, get in touch!


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