Little Metal Dog Show – Episode 2.5 – Levelling Up with D. Brad Talton!


Another cracking interview on The Little Metal Dog Show, this time with Level 99 Games‘ own D. Brad Talton. Not only has he built the company from the ground up on his own designs, he’s established Level 99 as a place where the spirit of videogames collide with the tabletop world. Originally a computer programmer, circumstance threw him into game development and publication, and we talk about how his company has grown since those early days, why games need a little bit of crazy once in a while, and just why the SoulsBorne series of video games are the greatest things ever made.

There’s discussion on pretty much the entire Level 99 Games catalogue, from BattleCON through to the insanity that is Millennium Blades, the world’s first tabletop CCG simulator… Imagine a world where Gutenberg started printing Magic cards instead of Bible verses and you’re only halfway there…

Grab it direct from here – – or pick it up using your favourite podcast-getting-thing.

Enjoy the show and, as ever, thank you for your support!


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