Episode List

The Little Metal Dog Show began back in April 2010 with an idea to produce a podcast on board games that did things a little differently. It took a while to decide the approach that would be taken, but soon an interview-based show quickly became the format to stick with. Each episode normally has a couple of interviews that could really cover any area from the world of gaming – as long as someone is interesting, they’re welcome to come on as a guest. From players and designers to mathematicians and film-makers, The Little Metal Dog Show looks far and wide for people who – above all else – have something to say.

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This here’s a list of all the episodes to date. If you click the links you’ll be taken to the expanded entry for that episode, complete with a more in-depth description of the contents and a further link to a direct download. All episodes are also available on iTunes – just search for The Little Metal Dog Show, and don’t forget to leave a review!

Episode 17 – Game designer Peter Olotka (Cosmic Encounter, Dune and more)

Episode 16 – Internet celebrity special! Scott Nicholson (Board Games With Scott / The Game Professor) and Jeff Cannata (Totally Rad Show)

Episode 15 – Days of Wonder founder Mark Kaufman and the return of designer Daniel Solis

Episode 14 – Chris K from dicehateme.com and North Star Games’ Dominic Crapuchettes

Episode 13 – Under The Boardwalk director Kevin Tostado, Leigh Anderson (writer of The Games Bible) and Holly Gramazio (co-designer of The Board Game Remix Kit)

Episode 12 – Stephen Buonocore from Stronghold Games and Steve Buckmaster from Esdevium (the UK’s largest games distributors)

Episode 11 – Podcast panel with Thru-the-Portal and Boardgames in Blighty, plus the Game Night Guys

Episode 10 – Nick Medinger (founder of Fun Again Games) and Play in Public’s Kevin Schlabach

Episode 9 – Designer Daniel Solis and D&D writer Susan Morris

Episode 8 – Game Camp’s James Wallis, plus Wok Star designer Tim Fowers

Episode 7 – Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer from The Dice Tower, and Interaction Point’s Brent Evanger

Episode 6 – Mathematician/game designer Anthony Brown and Mathew Anderson from Petroglyph Games

Episode 5 – The Ragnar Brothers’ Gary Dicken with Peter Gifford (aka: rules genius Universal Head)

Episode 4 – Charles Ryan (Esdevium Games) and design legend Bruno Faidutti

Episode 3 – Documentarian Lorien Green and Matt Leacock, creator of Pandemic and more

Episode 2 – Colby Dauch discusses Summoner Wars while Tyma Hughes talks WoWTCG

Episode 1 – Xibxang from GamerDork and Warheads’ Mark Brendan