Trading online demands as much prudence as any other investments

There is no way you can divorce risk from trading:
One of the most salient features of trading is the risk involved in it. How can someone separate a quality that is inherently generic? If there is risk there is also the scope for earning extraordinary profits. Who wants to play safe when there is so much of money to be earned?
Critics say that bitcoin code is a scam:
But I want to ask them if they have actually used this one?
I have done a comprehensive research on the topic of people calling just about any trading software a scam. I have got back to them on their personal chats and mailed them all with this one basic question. And what do you think I found out?
A majority of them do not answer me at all. I am left to imagine if they are actually alive or are they fake accounts that were created to cry wolf. From a small number of people, I have got answers that fleetingly describe that they tried to trade on the Bitcoin Code but they either were too discouraged with many a negative review or that they came up to the step where they had to fund their trading account and then shied away from it.
This left with a very big question and that is if these people who have not even funded and started their trading account keep calling such legitimate trading software a scam how in the world can we believe in the veracity of such reviews?
The reviews are all made up:
I can tell you for sure after so much research that almost all the reviews that you find on the internet are made up. They are cut copied and pasted from various review sites so that it discourages people from investing in the legit software. There is definitely more to this than negative propaganda. I am guessing that these reviewers are paid by software that has a vested interest in the fact that people read them and be discouraged from trading on them.
I have used bitcoin code and I will tell you that it is perfectly legit software. there is no doubt that it is one because within a span of three weeks I have made a profit of $500 and that is like doubling my initial investment. I have made losses too but made more than up with my earnings. Where is the reason to crib then, eh?!