Fox & Chicken – Werewolf hits the henhouse!

Everyone’s favourite party game gets a farmyard twist! Hungry Foxes versus brave Chickens – who will survive?

About the game

Fox & Chicken is a (slightly) more family friendly take on the classic party game Werewolf. You may also know it as Mafia but, however you play, the idea is the same. Players are handed a card at the start of a game that gives them a secret role, splitting them into two teams – in the case of our game, you’re either on the side of the nasty Foxes or the innocent but tasty Chickens. You win or lose as a team – it’ll either end up with Vulpine Victory or Cheering Chickens!

How do I get the game

The game is fully funded and is now in insane stretch goal mode!

We are currently using Kickstarter to fund Fox & Chicken and we funded in 22 hours and 51 minutes. That was pretty quick! Like, unexpectedly quick! Thankfully we have plans set in motion for stretch goals aplenty – so head over to Kickstarter for the latest offerings. Note that our Kickstarter campaign closes on 1 May 2013.

Back Fox & Chicken – Werewolf hits the henhouse! on Kickstarter!

What do I get with Fox & Chicken?

The basic game comes with twenty cards:

  • seven regular Chickens, each with unique art!
  • five standard Foxes, each with unique art!
  • the Egg, which will always be safe from harm!
  • the Little Chick, who has the power to tell whether or not there’s a Fox nearby!
  • the Mother Hen, who offers protection!
  • the Prize Chicken, who could cause everyone’s downfall!
  • the Rooster, who could potentially chase anyone away!
  • the Chicken in a Fox Suit, working on both sides!
  • the Den Mother, a vixen with an appetite!
  • the Fox Cub, an over-excitable little thing!

And now there’s a whole pile of extra stretch goal cards, too:

  • the Little Metal Hen, our first Stretch Goal!
  • the Zombie Chicken, Stretch Goal number two!
  • the Mad Scientist Chicken is Stretch Goal three!
  • the Vegan Fox is our fourth Stretch Goal!

…and, of course, there could always be more if we keep on going!

Rooster packs

Rooster packs are entirely optional card sets that will enhance your Fox & Chicken experience! Built around specific themes, we’re sure you’re going to love them. Currently the following rooster pack is available to buy separately via Kickstarter:

  • Barn Wars: Forceful Fowls vs Vicious Vulpines

Back Fox & Chicken – Werewolf hits the henhouse! on Kickstarter!

Any more questions?

Get in touch on Twitter (where I’m idlemichael), via email ( or drop us a message here in the comments – I’ll happily answer anything!

Thanks for your support.


One response to “Fox & Chicken – Werewolf hits the henhouse!

  1. I missed out on the kickstarter but I wonder if getting the game (or at least a pdf) is still possible.

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