Keep running! A quick and nasty card game by Michael Fox

Keep Running! a quick-playing game based around the legendary tale of the two guys being chased by a bear in the woods. One of them briefly pulls up, grabs a pair of running shoes from his backpack and hastily throws them on. “What are you doing? You’ll never outrun it!” yells the guy who is still moving. “I don’t need to outrun the bear,” replies the first (who by now has rapidly overtaken his friend) – “I just need to outrun YOU.”

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About the game

Keep Running! is the game of that. Between three and eight players will be able to force and fight their way to the front of the pack, leaving their friends behind as The Bear gets ever closer. Each player has a rapidly diminishing hand of cards and one must be played every turn. Roll a die to see how fast you’re going, but don’t forget the modifier on the card you’ve put down! Some cards allow you to get more in your hand, keeping you in the game longer. Others will let you attack your opponents, pushing them ever closer to that ever-chasing bear. Run out of cards and you’re no longer running – you’re dinner!

How do I get the game?

Back Keep Running! on Kickstarter!

We are currently using Kickstarter to raise funds to get Keep Running! produced to the highest possible quality. Here at Sprocket Games, we really want to do our best to keep the whole project in the UK; everything possible will be sourced from providers in this country. This not only supports businesses here, it also means that we can keep an eye on things and deal with any issues that may crop up during the production process.

How do I know if the game is any good?

The rules for Keep Running! are already available over on Board Game Geek, so feel free to check them out (and even ask questions if you like) but why not go the whole hog and try it for yourself?

There’s a print and play version available that requires nothing more than eleven sheets of paper, a bit of ink and you finding some dice. Print it up and give it a go for yourself! If you like it, spread the word and if you really like it, why not back our project?

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Download the Keep Running! rules

Any more questions?

Get in touch on Twitter (where I’m @idlemichael), via email ( or drop us a message here in the comments – I’ll happily answer anything!

Thanks for your support.


One response to “Keep running! A quick and nasty card game by Michael Fox

  1. Pam Holden

    I was wondering whether the final print n play version of ‘Keep Running!’ can be played with 2 players?

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