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Episode 26 – Weeny Dancers

This one’s a bit of a different episode, in that there’s no interviews. Stuff will return to normal next time around (promise! The show’s already edited!) but I really wanted to put this up.

Regular listeners will know that at the end of lots of the shows, Chris and I get together to record our wee question and answers session. We did it again a little while back, complete with extra special guest Campfire Burning (with mini-cameos from Daisy)! However, what’s normally a twenty or thirty minute session turned into a ninety minute marathon… After some editing I’ve cut it down to just over an hour which is really still too long to attach to the end of an episode, but I still wanted to put it out… so here it is as a standalone Little Metal Dog Show. ¬†We cover a bunch of questions from listeners (which you can do yourself by sending them to show@littlemetaldog.com) and answer them as best we can. We may not always be right, but we’ll at least give it a good shot.

The episode is available on iTunes or directly from this little link right here. Right click to save, left click to listen now (or if you’re on a mac… I don’t know. Anyone help?) – normal service will be resumed very soon! In the meantime, thanks for listening.


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