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Episode 29 – Choose Your Own Podcast

This episode is one of those that makes me feel very lucky indeed. I get to speak with a legend, one of the people who had a major effect on my life as a child, RA Montgomery. As one of the driving forces behind the Choose Your Own Adventure books since the series began way back in the ’70s, the stories that his series put out took me on countless adventures without leaving the comfort of my school’s tiny library. We discuss how the series came to be, the importance of Interactive Fiction as a genre, plans for the future and – most importantly – exactly what was the deal with that secret ending in Inside UFO 54-40?

We also see the return of the fantastic Chris to help out with answering questions (and discuss exactly what he got for his birthday, the lucky bugger). As always, you can catch us both on Twitter (he’s @RallyIV while I’m @idlemichael) or email the show: michael@littlemetaldog.com is the address for your questions next time around.

Oh, and make sure to listen *all* the way to the end. Not that there’s anything there. Oh no.

Behold, this episode’s links:

Direct Download for Episode 29: http://littlemetaldog.podbean.com/mf/web/nwr5m9/LMD_Episode29.mp3

Our sponsor for this episode: Eagle Games present Buy Word and Can’t Stop (both classic Sid Sackson titles!)

The Official Choose Your Own Adventure Site: http://www.cyoa.com/

Mike Ward’s Destiny Quest (as mentioned on the show): http://www.destiny-quest.com/

Information on Kim Newman’s Life’s Lotteryhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life%27s_Lottery









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Podcast Episode 24 – Tales of Derring-do

Want to download this episode? Head to iTunes or download directly from this link right here!

Sometimes interviews happen that really feel like that they’ll pair well together and in this episode it certainly felt these two would work well together. Episode 24 is driven by our need to tell and hear stories – for many people one of the most important aspects of playing games. First of all Rory O’Connor, the man behind Rory’s Story Cubes, tells me about the importance of telling a tale and how his Story Cubes came to be. While it’s not the hardest game to play in the world it’s certainly speedy and entertaining, encouraging the use of your imagination no matter how old you may be. I’ve used them with everyone from schoolchildren to the most hardcore of gamers and near everyone has had a blast. I’m also joined by author Michael Ward – his book, Destiny Quest: The Legion of Shadow, is single handedly leading the charge of game books into the 21st Century. Forget your Fighting Fantasy, they’re mere novellas in comparison to this. Imagine World of Warcraft‘s level of customisation mixed with a more grown-up attitude and you’re on your way there.

Don’t forget, if you want to get in touch with the show you can email me – michael@littlemetaldog.com is the address to fire off your electronic missives. We’re also on Facebook (search for Little Metal Dog) and Twitter (and as I’m on the bleeding edge of technology, you can hunt me down on Google+ as well). Thanks for listening to the show – you don’t know how much it’s appeciated!

This show’s links:

Mirror Mirror on Kickstarter (check it out, they’re doing a cracking deal involving The Road To Canterbury too) – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/167427101/mirror-mirror-a-game-of-deception-reflection-and-l?ref=live

This episode’s sponsors are the nice folks at Eagle and Gryphon Games – http://www.eaglegames.net/Default.asp

Rory’s Story Cubes official site – http://www.storycubes.com/

Michael Ward’s Destiny Quest site – http://www.destiny-quest.com/

Fighting Fantasy (which has recently relaunched) –  http://www.fightingfantasy.com/

Truly old school! Choose Your Own Adventure – http://www.cyoa.com/





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