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Episode 15 with Days of Wonder’s Mark Kaufman and the return of Daniel Solis!

It’s taken a little while to put Episode 15 together, but at last… here you go! Once again, there’s a pair of interviews for your listening pleasure, beginning with a discussion about the past, present and future of Days of Wonder with one of its co-founders, Mark Kaufman. DoW are (of course) responsible for some incredible games, not least Ticket to Ride, Memoir ’44 and the excellent Colosseum. We discuss how technology is impacting on the company and how they become one of the most recognisable names in the industry, as well as their upcoming new release – Cargo Noir. After that, it’s the return of one of my favourite folks to talk to: Daniel Solis. Following his last appearance on the show, I had many emails asking when he’d return, so who am I to fly in the face of public opinion? We talk about designing in public, something Daniel has occasionally been known to do, and what’s more important – theme or mechanics?

Chris gets another episode off – preparing for a wedding is taking it’s toll! – but I hope this week’s competition makes up for it. You may be aware that one of my favourite Trading Card Games is the brilliant World of Warcraft TCG and I’d like to share the love. Thanks to the guys over at Tomy, The Little Metal Dog Show is giving away TWO Worldbreaker Epic Collections. Doesn’t matter where you are in the world – everyone is eligible to enter. There’s a question in the show that requires an answer which needs to be sent to littlemetaldog@gmail.com, making sure you’ve put ‘WoWTCG’ in the subject header. Closing date is Saturday 12th February 2011! Winners will be chosen at random from all correct entries and will be contacted via email, as well as on here.

Now, if you fancy an extra entry, you could always become a fan of the show over on Facebook! Yes, I’ve finally succumbed to the march of progress and put a Little Metal Dog Fanpage up. Have a look, spread the word, and keep an eye out over there for exclusive updates and upcoming competitions… you can find it at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Little-Metal-Dog-Show/118250901580941

Thank you, as always, for listening and supporting the show! It’s available now on iTunes or directly from this link right here – enjoy!

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New LMDS episode available!

Yup, episode number 9 is now out there on the internet for you to listen to. This time around it’s a kid’s gaming special, complete with an extra interview – three for the price of two! We start with a chat with listener Campfire Burning about the games he enjoyed (and hated) when he was young, followed up by spending some time with Susan Morris and her splendid D&D module specifically designed for younger players: Heroes of Hesiod (previously mentioned on this blog post right here). Finally, the busiest man on earth (Daniel Solis) joins me to discuss his junior RPG Happy Birthday Robot, the truly random Do and other projects. Chris also joins me – as usual – to answer your questions. If you want to get in touch, it couldn’t be easier – you can email on littlemetaldog@gmail.com or nudge us on Twitter. I’m @idlemichael and Chris is @RallyIV. Cheers for listening!

Oh, and here’s a few links you may find useful:

Susan Morris’ site can be found at seriouspixie.com – high quality writing and all round greatness!

Daniel Solis lives at danielsolis.com – well worth reading!

Daniel mentioned Pentago in our interview, and now I want a copy.


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