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#NaGaDeMon: The End

And so it comes to its conclusion. Around the world, hundreds of book publishing companies quiver in fear as they await the onslaught of manuscripts from wannabe authors. Bathroom sinks across the country are strewn with the remains of  moustaches as top lips see the sun for the first time in weeks. And on tables everywhere (well, perhaps not everywhere) people who would never normally have dreamed of creating their own game now have something that’s hopefully playable sitting before them. NaGaDeMon 2011 is now finished. So how was it for you?

I’ve got to say I’m pretty happy with my effort, Pocket Universe. It’s been quite the challenge coming up with a game from nothing, getting it built and – probably most important – making sure that it works. If you’d like to check it out for yourself, have a look at the Sprocket Games page here on the site – it’s really rather good. It’s not just me saying that, however! It was really important for me to get as many people as possible to try it so I was very pleased when so many people came forward to playtest it, especially those who weren’t afraid to let me know exactly what they thought of it…

So, the game works and – according to people who’ve played it – it’s actually fun! So what happens next? Well, there’s a couple of options. First, it can stay on the shelf (or here on the site, anyway). Second, I can try to get it published which is easier said than done – however, it’s certainly a possibility. One of the great things about doing Little Metal Dog is that I get to speak to a wide range of people in the industry and several have expressed interest in checking it out, so it’s just a matter of seeing what happens with that. Should nothing come from it, the final step is to self-publish – a big step, admittedly, but one that I’d be more than willing to take.

Before that happens though, I need to decide whether or not Pocket Universe is truly complete. It’s certainly finished, but do I want to add more to it? There’s a couple of things that could be put into the game that would improve it further – perhaps giving the players the option of different ships that will bestow different powers, cargo capacities, that kind of thing?  While it won’t break the game – I’m happy with how it is – it could be interesting to give gamers more things to do in the Pocket Universe. It’s something to think about anyway. For now though, I’m calling my NaGaDeMon adventure a success. Roll on next November, hey?


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